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  • University of Life

    Living on this planet is like going to a University.                                              " THE UNIVERSITY OF LIFE "         In this University everyone, irrespective of age, sex, color, and place of birth or residence, is both a student and a teacher, and all Earth’s natural resources are the University’s supporting staff.The University of Life is established for us to learn important lessons......           Continue Reading »

  • Love to Be Happy

    This book is about identifying the true causes of the human predicament and suggesting ideas toward solving the devastating environmental, social, and economic problems facing human­kind, and about transforming society from its present situation to a sustainable, joyous one........

    Continue Reading »


We are born to be happy, it is our right to be happy and the Universe has provided everything possible for us to secure and maintain a deep- and an everlasting happiness.

I hope you and members of your family are all very happy. I am sure you know some people who are not. WHY?

People everywhere in the world are pursuing happiness. But, great majority of people maintain that WEALTH, FAME and POWER are the sources of securing happiness. We know this is not the case. I believe this attitude for securing happiness has been the main reason for all the problems we have in the world today, including our local, regional and global environmental problems, and the rapid depletion of our natural resources.

In these presentations, factors contributing to our happiness are examied. An equation is presented to include all these parameters.

In short, we need to change or modify our attitudes for securing happiness. We need to seek happiness through rendering of the most effective unselfish service to those who need it most, along with our unconditional love for them.

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